SKLZ Presented by Pista Palace for 2011

This is the 6th year for team and what an ambitious year it is. For 2011, the formerly known as Team Pista Palace formerly known as Pista Palace's Arrogant Bastards formerly known as Team 5 Star Waste Vegetable Oil formerly known as Team 5 Star Fish Processing has become SKLZ p/b Pista Palace.

We had great success in 2010 and we plan on having even greater success in 2011 due to new additions to the team and a more ambitious agenda. You can find us racing any and every race in the southwest as well as the USA Crit Series and any NRC race we can make it to.

Our Official Team Roster for 2011:

  • Anthony Aker
  • Rahsaan Bahati
  • Joseph Binder
  • Lucas Binder
  • Stevie Cullini
  • Chris DeMarchi
  • James Gunn-Wilkinson
  • Michael Johnson
  • Shane Lawlor
  • Adam Livingston
  • Eric Marcotte
  • Jamie Paolinetti
  • Jake Rubelt
  • Corey Steinbrecher
  • Mike Telega
  • Shawn Vangassen

    For the 3rd year in a row we are sponsored by TIME. We ride the RXR Ulteam. The team uses HED wheels. Other equipment sponsors include: Oakley Glasses, LAS helmets, and TIME shoes and pedals. We wear Itlalian made clothing from Santini but we also use Sockguy socks, baselayers, and arm warmers.All nutrition is provided by Enervit and Stone Brewing Company. Pista Palace's neighbor, Hamilton's, is our exclusive post race meeting and hydration venue. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us. Even the smallest contribution goes a long way.

    Our race results for 2011 are:
    1st and 2nd Place - Red Trolley Criterium
    3rd Place - Valley Of The Sun Road Race
    1st Place - Valley Of The Sun Criterium
    2nd Place - Valley Of The Sun overall G.C.
    2nd Place - Brea Criterium
    1st Place - Imperial Valley Criterium

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